Melbourne: First Anniversary Trip (Part 1 – Sept 2013)

Join us for a walking tour of Melbourne’s Arcades & Lanes

We know that we’ve been incredibly delinquent updating the blog, so we’ll be posting some long overdue content over the next little while. First up is our September trip to Melbourne to celebrate our first anniversary.

According to most of the people we’ve met, Melbourne is a very different kind of Australian city. In many ways it truly is the Montreal of Down Under. It has a distinctly European feel thanks to its narrow alleyways, indulgent coffee shops and apparently high fashion (that’s not exactly something we investigated). As usual we stayed in the CBD (downtown) for our 2.5 day stay and seemed to spend the majority of our time eating (our running joke is that we ate our way through Melbourne). In actuality, that’s only partially true: we may have eaten a ton, but we walked most of it off thanks to two walking tours Bryan discovered. Thankfully the notoriously unreliable Melbourne weather completely cooperated and we were able to see some really cool sights that we undoubtedly would have otherwise overlooked.

Since pictures tell a thousand words, here’s a pictoral recreation of the tour we embarked on for the first full day of our trip: the Melbourne Arcades & Lanes walk (follow along with the PDF here)

Look for our anniversary day “Secret Gardens” walk soon!



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